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October 1, 2007

GritTec laboratory announced new version of dual microphone array solution of speech enhancement.

  Dual microphone array solution of speech enhancement is used for the suppression of external hindrances and surrounding noises in chosen direction source of the speech. The sources of external hindrances can be an external noise of car, speech of collocutor, music and any other sounds, coming from directions, different from direction of the chosen source of the speech. Suppression of external hindrances is descended by mean of the acoustical beam-forming - directed diagrams of directivity of microphone array. Acoustical beam-forming is defined by the configuration of microphone array and methods of adaptive filtration.

   Dual microphone array solution can be effectively used for audio-video conference systems, for car audio garniture (Car Kits) or plane audio garniture.
   Main  advantages:
  • high quality of articulation (minimum speech distortion);
  • suppression of non-stationary noise;
  • fast adaptation;
  • using of the cheap electret microphones.
  Technology was tested in real condition with using of electret microphones with uni-direction diagram, distance between microphones is 0.05 - 0.07 meter, distance to source of the speech is 0.7 meter.
   Demonstration version of dual microphone array solution of speech enhancement is available for test drive on GritTec laboratory website.

About GritTec
GritTec Laboratory specializes on research and development of algorithms and technologies in the field of speech and audio processing. GritTec's research is focused on speech enhancement, speech concealment, voice biometric, speech recognition, speech synthesis and other speech and audio technologies.
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