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November 28, 2008

GritTec laboratory developed DSP Hardware Device of Noise Suppression for audio communication systems

   The developed dsp hardware device represents the module of noise suppression on the basis of GritTec's Noise Cancellation (NC). The architecture of hardware device is based on interaction microcontroller ARM7 (AT91SAM7X512) and stereo codec AD73322. The module supports digital of input signal with 8 kHz, 16 kHz sampling rate. The module can work, as from a source of constant voltage +5,0 V, and from 1-2 batteries in capacity 1.5 V.

Fig. Module of Noise Suppression

The module can effectively be applied:
  • In systems of audio processing;
  • In VoIP conference systems;
  • As SDK for debugging C code under ARM7 platform. Sampling rate of input signal can be changed in a range from 8 kHz to 64 kHz.

In a final variant it is planned to optimise the sizes of a hardware device with (without) use of the power supply. Many parametres and module characteristics are specified now. Deliveries of hardware device are planned for 1-2 quarter of 2009 year.

About GritTec
GritTec Laboratory (GritTec Ltd.) specializes on research and development of algorithms and technologies in the field of speech and audio processing. GritTec's research is focused on speech enhancement, speech concealment, voice biometric, speech recognition, speech synthesis and other speech and audio technologies.
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