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June 23, 2010

GritTec has presented a new software product of GritTec Speaker-ID: The mobile client (Version 1.00).

GritTec has presented release of new software product of voice identification - GritTec Speaker-ID: The mobile client (Version 1,00) on the base of the text independent speaker identification engine GritTec's Speaker-ID (Version 2,800). The new software product supports the high-quality GUI interface and can work on MS Windows XP/Vista platforms. This product can be of interest for centres of criminalistics, polices, call centres and the banks which purpose is text independent voice identification of unknown audio phonogram, carried out by comparison with database of target samples existing in system of GritTec Speaker-ID: The mobile client. The system supports databases of Paradox format, with a maximum quantity of target voices in volume no more than 50 000. The end user has possibility to create and establish new databases with target voices (see Fig.1).

Fig.1. Preview of speaker card.

Process of input of identified files in the system is organized in such way that allows the end user to get lists of identified groups, for each of which it's possible to edit the group description. Each group contains the audio files with unknown voices which in the further will be identified by comparison with database of target samples. The choice of identified files and their entering in the current identified group may be carried as in a manual mode as in automatic mode, for this purpose it's necessary to choose an identification source (see Fig.2).
 For each the identified file also there is a possibility to enter the description of history of its record, to change the identification parameters, which is defined by the level of installing the thresholds of probability of errors 1-th (False Rejection Rate (FRR)) and 2-th (False Acceptance Rate (FAR)) sort (see Fig.2).

Fig.2. Adjustment of identification parameters.

Process of voice identification is executed in an automatic mode, without postprocessing of identified files. For this purpose it is enough to choose the identified group which will be identified, and to start identification process of group or the current identified file. After finishing of identification process it's possible to look identification results for each identified file (see Fig.3).

Fig.3. Start and preview of identification results.

At the moment GritTec offers 6 variants of licensing of this product, each of which can have restrictions on quantity of speaker cards of target samples: the license with support of 100, 500, 1000, 5000 or 10000 speaker cards and the license with unlimited supporting of speaker cards.

To test demonstration version of GritTec Speaker-ID: The mobile client (Version 1,00) and to know license details is possible on a site of solution or contact us via Online Request form.

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