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December 03, 2010

GritTec presented new version of voice identification software with GUI interface - 'GritTec Speaker-ID: The mobile client (Version 1.50)'.

GritTec has updated the 'GritTec Speaker-ID: The mobile client' software product up to version 1,50 with supporting last version 2,990 of voice identification engine. Updating have been made at the expense of speed optimisation of in the display form of identification results and their receiving.
  Also Updating have been made at the expense of adding the new form of searching of the target speakers. The search form of the target speakers allows to make the automated search of target speakers in the identified files database.
  The flexible system of request settings, display forms of search results and display signal forms of the current  identified file and target sample file allow to make effectively search and studying of the received request results (see Fig. below).

Fig. Process of speaker search.

This software product may be interest for centres of criminalistics, polices, call centres and the banks which purpose is text independent voice identification of unknown audio phonogram of telephone negotiations.
To know more details about new software of 'GritTec Speaker-ID: The mobile client (Version 1.50)', please visit home page of this product or contact us via Online Request form.

About GritTec
GritTec Laboratory (GritTec Ltd.) specializes on research and development of algorithms and technologies in the field of speech and audio processing. GritTec's research is focused on speech enhancement, speech concealment, voice biometric, speech recognition, speech synthesis and other speech and audio technologies.
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