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GritTec Laboratory is actively engaged in development of the unique algorithms and technologies in the field of digital signal processing.

All available off-the-shelf our DSP products and solutions  can be plugged into the customer system. They can also be tuned to the specific needs of the system depending on the customer requirements.

We have a wide range of experience with the following technologies:

 - Digital signal processing (FFT, LPC, VAD, DTD, and so on);
 - Speech & Audio processing;
 - HMMs, Neural Networks (back propagation, hemming, henning, and so on);
 - Methods of adaptive filtration (LMS, NLMS, RLS, FDAF).

We can offer a broad range of engineering services, such as:

 - Mathematical simulation methods competence, ability to develop  algorithms;
 - Porting between operation systems or processors;
 - Systems integration;
 - Real time system development.