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October 30, 2006

GritTec laboratory announced high sound quality of time stretching technology for audio signals.

Time stretching technology is used for time scale modification (changing the speed or duration) of an audio signal without affecting its pitch.

Principle of functioning our algorithm is based on time-domain modification using SOLA technology, such as Waveform Synchronized Overlap-Add (WSOLA).

Time stretching technology can be effectively used:
  • With audio players for changing the duration of music or speech;
  • With audio-video recorder devices or video post synchronization;
  • For voice messanging services (voice mail);
  • For reduce the rate of bit transmission (jitter control) in devices of IP telephony.

  • High sound quality;
  • High robustness;
  • Time-stretch (time-scale) factor: 50%, ..., 200% (normal speed: 100%);
  • Guarantees fixed speaker position for stereo signals;
  • Dynamic mode changing of time stretch factor;
  • Full synchronization with coders of packet length 20 ms and 30 ms;
  • Easy integration with target applications.

Signal requirement
  • Signal format: 16-bits linear;
  • 8 kHz, ..., 48 kHz sampling rate.

  • Fixed-point C++ source code;
  • DLL libraries for MS Windows;
  • PC demo for MS Windows is available on request;
  • Portability to any DSP, ARM or RISC platform.

About Grittec

GritTec laboratory specializes on research and development of the unique algorithms and technologies in the field of digital signal processing (DSP). GritTec's research is focused on speech enhancement & concealment, speech recognition, voice biometric, methods of adaptive filtration and other speech & audio technologies.
Url: http://www.grittec.com